ba-0008 Antietam's 'Bloody Lane' as seen from observation towerba-0008 Antietam's 'Bloody Lane' as seen from observation towerThis image is discontinued and all 11x14 prints have been sold. One 8x10 print remains.


We create a lot of images. Not all of them make it to the website, and even the ones that do must be curated from time to time, if only to prevent the website from becoming too large and unwieldy. For that reason we have discontinued a selection of images, and we are selling our remaining print inventory at half-price.


In most cases only one print of each image is available, two at the most. Because these images have been discontinued and print quantities are so limited, all prints will be sold strictly on a 'first come, first served' basis. When no more prints remain of an image, it will be removed from the website.

The discontinued prints have been separated into 2 galleries based on the available print size(s), and like our other prints, they are archival quality and rated for 100+ years of longevity:

Discontinued 8x10 Prints
Discontinued 11x14 Prints

To save 50%, use the coupon code dis50 during checkout.