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pe-0175 - "Union Infantry Advance"pe-0174 - "Coming and Going"pe-0173 - "Heading Home Before the Storm"pe-0172 - "Driving the Team"pe-0171 - "A Lot of Back and Forth"pe-0170 - "The Fog of War"pe-0169 - "Drive-By"pe-0168 - "The Long Walk Home"pe-0166 - "Southern Guns"pe-0165 - "Thoughts of Home"pe-0164 - "Making Hay the Mechanical Way"pe-0163 - "Heading out to the Fields"pe-0162 - "Continuity"pe-0161 - "A Gate Too Late"pe-0160 - "Tending the Fields in Rose Light"pe-0159 - "Heading Back to the Barn"pe-0158 - "Life in the Fast Lane"pe-0157 - "Salute"pe-0156 - "A Deft Hand of Command"pe-0155 - "Amish Boy on a Scooter"