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pa-0161 - "Sharpshooters Nest"pa-0160 - "Painted in the Light of a Passing Storm"pa-0159b - "Impending Goat Rodeo"pa-0158 - "Barnyard Politics"pa-0157 - "Henry Culp Farm"pa-0156 - "East Berlin in Gold and Blue"pa-0155 - "Pause for Reflection"pa-0154 - "Lunch Break"pa-0153 - "Afternoon Illumination"pa-0152 - "Afternoon at the Homestead"pa-0151 - "The Valley of Shadows"pa-0150 - "Winter Reserves"pa-0149 - "Bosom Buddies"pa-0148 - "Mowing in the Sun"pa-0147 - "Little Man Working a Big Team"pa-0145 - "Perched Upon Hallowed Ground"pa-0144 - "Late Afternoon in Strasburg"pa-0142 - "Dellville Covered Bridge"pa-0141 - "Homestead on the Horizon"pa-0140 - "The Brickyard"