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an-0033 Authorized Personnelan-0060 - "Birds Taking a Rest Break on a Fence"an-0061 - "How Now Brown Cows"an-0064 -"Mamas Boy"an-0069 - "Crow on a Fence"an-0073 - "For Sister Sarah"ba-0756 - "Bushman Farm in Autumn"ba-0749 - "As I Lay Dying"ba-0748 - "Autum Fire on the Weikert Farm"ba-0743 - "Snake-Rail Fence in Autumn"ba-0742 - "The Rose Farm in Autumn"ba-0736 - "An Ill Wind on the Battlefield"ba-0735 - "The Storm of War Approaches"ba-0733 - "Across the Frozen Wasteland"ba-0732 - "Warm Winter Expanse"ba-0728_culps-hill-witness-and-evergreen-gatehouse-24x36ba-0725 - Springtime at Excelsior Field"ba-0723 - "Trostle Farm, Fence and Round Tops"ba-0722 - "The Cemetery on the Hill"ba-0721 - "The Witness from Little Round Top"