The Witness Tree at Devil's Den - Gettysburg, Pa.

The Witness Tree at Devil's Den - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We're pleased to present our newest offering, a set of five note cards featuring the 'Witness Tree' at Devil's Den in Gettysburg National Military Park. This lovely old oak tree is reputed to have been a sapling at the time of the 1863 battle, a 'witness' to events that changed the trajectory of our Civil War and forever altered the course of human history. It now stands alone atop Devil's Den, an iconic and beloved figure on the battlefield.

I've always had a special affinity for this tree, having taken countless pictures of it over the years, so it was inevitable that I would choose it as the subject for our first set of note cards... just as I chose it years ago for our first poster design, in anticipation of the battle's sesquicentennial.

Why Should You Buy These Cards?

Designed & printed in the USA. • Protective matte UV coating prevents fading. • Printed on high-quality 14-point card stock. • Fits standard 5" x 7" picture frames, no matting needed. • An ideal gift for the history enthusiast in your life. • Wholesale pricing is available. • Military / Law Enforcement discounts are available.

We think our new note cards look good enough to frame!

There are 5 cards + 5 enveloped per pack, and the shipping cost is $5* for up to 2 packs.

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