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mo-0409 - "Mead Mounted in the Inferno"mo-0407 - "Meade Mounted in Blue"mo-0408 - "155th Pennsylvania at Little Round Top"mo-0406 - "Harvest Moon Over the Pennsylvania Monument"mo-0405 - "Burns in Autumn"mo-0404 - "Monument to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy in Autumn"mo-0403 - "Lee and Traveller"mo-0401 - "155th Pennsylvania Monument at Little Round Top"mo-0402 - "12th and 44th New York Monument From a Distance"mo-0400 - "Strong Vincent's Autumn Charge"mo-0399 - "Sallie in Repose"mo-0398 - "Fire Zouaves in Dangerous Light"+mo-0396 - "Crawford Standing Tall"mo-0395 - The Treacherous Slope: Little Round Top"mo-0394 - "Wadsworth Pointing the Way"mo-0393 - "Ever Vigilant Reynolds with Cannon"mo-0392 - "Warren at Sundown"mo-0391 - "Pa Monument in Monochrome Fury"mo-0390 - "Minnesota Charging Across the Stormy Sky"mo-0389 - "Pennsylvania Monument in Pastel Light"