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ba-0289 - "Witness to the Conflagration"ba-0289 - "Witness to the Conflagration"The 'witness tree' at Devil's Den in Gettysburg National Military Park.

"Witness to the Conflagration" - Featuring the witness tree at Devil's Den, in Gettysburg National Military Park.

The image above was voted #2 in a recent poll, so it is the subject of our second "karma" print promotion. Thanks to everyone on our Facebook page who participated in our poll!

We have a single 16" x 20" solid-face canvas-wrap print of "Witness to the Conflagration", and we are going to be sending it to someone with very good karma, whose name will be drawn on Monday, November 18, 2019!

We're not Buddhists, but we DO believe in karma - what goes around, comes around. So, under this principle:

  • Anyone donating $2 (below) will get ONE slip of paper containing their name, to be placed in a large glass bowl for the November 18th drawing.
  • Those who donate $10 will get SIX slips of paper, each containing their name, placed in the bowl.
  • Anyone who donates $20 will get TWELVE slips containing their name in the bowl, and to show our gratitude, we'll also send that person an 8x10 archival print of the image above, even if your name is not selected for the 16" x 20" canvas-wrap print.

About our canvas-wrap prints:

  • Our prints are made with genuine artist-grade canvas, and the subtle texture of the canvas enhances the painterly quality of the images, giving them a classical artistic look.
  • Unlike traditional canvas-wraps, ours are mounted to a high-density fiberboard form, so they will never sag, warp or ripple (as traditional wraps and unmounted paper prints often do over time).
  • They require no additional mounting, matting, framing or special hardware. They arrive ready to hang, right out of the box.
  • They are solid but very light weight, they can be hung on any wall without locating a stud... and you'll never need to worry about broken glass.
  • They're are made with high-quality, long-lasting inks and will last for generations provided they are not kept in direct sunlight.
  • They have a sealed back to prevent dust accumulation, and they are very easy to clean with a soft damp cloth. (See image below.)

Solid-face, sealed back, tight corners.

Why we are doing it this way:

Under Pennsylvania law, only non-profits may hold raffles or similar contests without first obtaining (expensive) permits. We cannot sell you raffle entries, but we'll happily reward donations... and let your karma do the rest!

To those who choose to leave donations of any size, we thank you for your continued support!

We are very grateful that there are people who appreciate our images, and even a $2 donation helps us continue creating them. We all know karma can't really be bought or sold, but supporting the arts to ANY degree is worthwhile, and it's definitely good karma (in our opinion)!

To those who make more substantial donations of $20 (or more), you will receive an 8x10 print of "Witness to the Conflagration" as a way of expressing our gratitude more substantially. With the included shipping*, it is a $35 value, and being an archival print it will last for generations.

And, of course, one person will have his or her name drawn on November 18th, and will receive the 16x20 canvas-wrap print of "Witness to the Conflagration". That person will be notified by email, as well as on our Facebook page.

Please note: We're grateful for any donations we receive, however only the names of people who donate BEFORE 11:59 PM E.S.T. on Sunday, November 17, 2019 will be entered into the drawing for the canvas-wrap print.

We'd wish you all good luck, but we know you've got really good karma... so you're making your own luck!

Karma can't be bought or sold, but it CAN be appreciated.
And we really do!




* We're very sorry, but due to shipping costs and other factors beyond our control, we can only send prints to addresses within the continental United States.