Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a gallery or retail store?
We do not have a retail location at this time, and our business is entirely internet-based. There are some shops that carry small selections of our prints, posters or other products, but this website is the only full catalog of our work and the only place you can purchase most of our images.

Do you sell framed prints?
We do not sell any frames which contain glass, but we are pleased to offer (optional) wooden float-mount frames on our canvas-wrap prints. They are sturdy, attractive and affordable. You can see them here.

Why are the images only available in certain sizes?
The proportions of an image are its "aspect ratio". This ratio is determined by several factors including the camera's sensor, the intended use of the image and the creative choices of the photographer. Early in my career I was limited by the relatively small sensor of my camera, so my print sizes were limited to 8x10, 11x14 and later 16x20. As my gear improved and my preferences changed, I found myself shooting almost exclusively in a 3:2 aspect ratio for prints sized 8x12 to 24x36. More recently I have enjoyed creating panoramic images in a 3:1 aspect ratio, and these are suited for prints sized 12x36, 20x60, etc.

Why are some prints archived, and are they still available for purchase?
Over the past decade, camera technology has advanced dramatically. Because my older images lack the resolution for good quality large prints, they are kept in separate galleries and the available print sizes are limited by their resolution. So the archived images are available as traditional (archival) paper prints or canvas-wrap prints, just not in jumbo sizes.

Do you offer military or law enforcement discounts?
Yes! We are grateful to the men and women of our military and law enforcement communities, and we recognize our freedoms and lifestyle would not be possible without their service and sacrifice. Mason Dixon Photography is proud to show our respect and gratitude by offering a 20% discount on our paper prints, posters, note-cards and postcards, and a 10% discount on our canvas, metal and acrylic prints (where applicable). Please contact us before placing your order so we can provide you with a coupon code.

Do you offer quantity discounts or wholesale pricing?
We do offer quantity & wholesale pricing, and there is some more information here.

Do you accept payment by check or money order?
We have a post office box for this very reason, and we are happy to accept payment by personal check or money order. There will be a delay on ordering your print(s) until payment has cleared at our bank, so our standard shipping times do not apply. If you'd like to pay for your order by check or money order, please contact us and we will provide you with the address.

Do you do portraits? Will you do mine?
As much as I truly enjoy portraiture, we have been forced to close our portrait studio due to the health risks and liabilities associated with Covid-19. Sadly, any portraiture I do in the foreseeable future will be candid and from a safe social distance.

Can you recommend images or collections of images for my home, office or professional space?
We accept consulting work on a case-by-case basis, and a non-refundable deposit is required to work on your project. If this does not deter you, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Why do you take pictures of the Amish?
This is something I am asked frequently. I do so because I am drawn to the aesthetics of the past, and the Amish still do much of their farming as it has been done for centuries. I'm aware most (not all) Amish prefer not to be photographed, so I am careful to maintain their anonymity by photographing them in silhouette, facing away from the camera or at distances which obscure facial features. I take my pictures from public property because it would be rude and selfish to walk onto their property, disrupting their work, just to ask for a photo! A little respect goes a long way, so I honor their desire for anonymity, and I seek to present their culture in a positive light... but I am not bound by Amish cultural or religious rules, only the privacy laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Got a question not answered here? Contact us and we'll be glad to answer it!