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ci-0025 Expired Institutionba-0002 Antietam Artillery Pieceba-0008 Antietam's 'Bloody Lane' as seen from observation towerba-0010 Artillery at Sunriseba-0011 Artillery Piece Along Confederate Avenueba-0021 Devil's Den Fallen Rocksba-0028 Devil's Den Expanseba-0030 Devil's Staircase at Devil's Denba-0032 Fence Perspective #4ba-0036 Gettysburg Artillery After the Stormba-0037 Gettysburg Artilleryba-0043 Gettysburg Worm Fenceba-0048 High Water Mark in Winterba-0064 Tall Soldierba-0066 The Devils Denba-0075 Worm Fence at Sunsetba-0084 Perspective From On Highba-0085 Devil's Bathba-0086 Triangular Field Gatewayba-0091 Blue Sky Worm Fence