Forever Flowers

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I never want to give people flowers. If it's a living plant, the gift comes with the responsibility of watering and caring for it. If the gift is an arrangement of cut flowers, they will soon wither and die... which is hardly the sentiment one seeks to inspire with a gift of flowers!

Our new metal prints are attractive, durable, affordable and above all UNIQUE gifts, which spare the recipient any effort or unpleasantness - and which will continue to bring pleasure for many years to come!

They'll be available soon. Contact me if you just can't wait.


Something Totally Different For Halloween!

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6x9 Aluminum Prints with Stands"Pariah" & "Partisan"6x9 Aluminum Prints with Stands

My wife LOVES Halloween and each year she usually starts decorating for it in August. This typically requires multiple trips to The Spirit Store, Halloween City and other assorted spooky shops, and our best Halloween decorations often find their way into my studio, to be used as photo props.

"Pariah" (left) and "Partisan" (right) are two such images, featuring a resin skull decoration and an eyeball made for film and makeup effects. After editing them, I've made these two images into matched 6" x 9" aluminum prints, each with a stand that has been handcrafted from recycled solid-surface material. Each print also includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a suede-microfiber cleaning cloth.

These collectible metal prints are being offered at a special introductory price which includes free Priority shipping with tracking included*. Order both prints together and you'll save even more!

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Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!


* We are very sorry to exclude anyone, but we are unable to accept international orders at this time.

Gettysburg Farm Panoramas You Can Fit In Your Hand

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The Samuel A. Cobean Farm at Gettysburg.The Samuel A. Cobean Farm at Gettysburg.4" x 12" metal print with handcrafted stand and certificate of authenticity.

The Daniel Klingel Farm at GettysburgThe Daniel Klingel Farm at Gettysburg4" x 12" metal print with handcrafted stand and certificate of authenticity.

The John & Sarah Rummel Farm at Gettysburg.4" x 12" aluminum print with stand & certificate of authenticity.

We're very pleased to introduce the first three of our panoramic Gettysburg Farms on Metal series of 4" x 12" collectible aluminum prints. These include the Samuel A. Cobean Farm, the Daniel Klingel farm and the John & Sarah Rummel Farm.

Each image is infused into the surface of a sheet of aluminum and given a glossy, highly protective finish. The end result is a beautiful, durable metal print with unsurpassed detail, rich contrast and vibrant colors. Our print stands are each handcrafted from recycled solid-surface materials which have a substantial heft and closely resemble stone. Each print also includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a suede-microfiber cloth for easy cleaning. The price for each of these unique metal prints is just $49.95, and as an introductory offer, this price includes free shipping!*

Cobean Farm Klingel Farm Rummel Farm If you love Gettysburg as we do, we hope these Gettysburg Farms on Metal will be welcome additions to your home or office, where they will be a constant reminder of this unique and special place. These are just the first, and we've got more coming soon!

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* Free shipping offer applies only within the continental United States. We are sorry, but we are unable to ship internationally at this time.
** The coffee mug in the photos is shown for scale and it is not included in this offer. If there is sufficient interest, we may make the Metal Vistas logo mugs available in the future.

Big Things In Little Packages

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"Witness" 4x6 Metal Print with Stand, Certificate & Cloth.

The "Witness Tree" at Devil's Den is an iconic presence on the Gettysburg battlefield. It is believed to have been standing in July of 1863, a living witness to the bloodiest battle in American history, and to what was undeniably a turning point for our nation. Today, people travel from all over the world to visit Gettysburg... and many of them make a point to visit this tree, which has become a symbol of something greater than itself.

Anyone who has followed my work knows I have an affinity for this particular tree, and it has been the subject of countless images over the years. This simple but colorful graphic layout has long been one of my favorites, so it seemed a fitting choice to inaugurate our newest line of collectible compact metal prints.

Each 4" x 6" aluminum print includes a custom stand that's handcrafted from recycled solid-surface material, a signed certificate of authenticity and a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning. The price is just $39.95, shipped to anywhere in the continental United States*.

Coffee mug not included.It's only in the photo for scale. Our unique Metal Vistas prints make a big visual impact but they all have a tiny footprint, and they are sized to fit the small spaces in every home and office. 

Sized for any home. Priced for any budget.

Metal Vistas aluminum prints are durable, affordable and they are made here in the U.S.A. Our assorted vendors are American companies and, wherever possible, even the tools and raw materials we use are sourced domestically. When you purchase our products you are not only supporting our small business, you are also supporting the American economy in other substantial ways... and we appreciate it!

Just $39.95
Free shipping is included.*


* We are truly sorry to exclude anyone, but we cannot ship internationally at this time.

** Please note: The coffee mug in the photos is not included in this offer. It is only in the photos to show scale.

Gettysburg - We love you.

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For most people, Gettysburg is about the past. For us, Gettysburg is also our present and future. We're very fortunate to live here... and we're very hopeful for what the future holds.

Stay tuned.