Witness on Witness

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Limited edition 4x6 metal prints on stands handcrafted from wood professionally pruned from the 'witness tree' at Devil's Den."Witness on Witness"Limited edition 4x6 metal prints on stands handcrafted from wood professionally pruned from the 'witness tree' at Devil's Den. I'm pleased to present a new limited edition of 12 metal prints on rare 'witness wood' stands.

These unique 4" x 6" aluminum prints feature the Devil's Den witness tree in autumn, and each print is paired with a stand handcrafted from wood that was pruned from the tree shown in the picture.

The metal print is affixed to the stand via a slotted pewter mounting bracket, and a suede-microfiber cloth is included for easy care and cleaning. (Please note - the coffee mug is shown for scale and it is not included.)

This iconic tree is called a 'witness tree' because it is thought to have been standing at the time of the battle, a living witness to that pivotal event in American history. The wood was given to me several years ago by my friends Donna and her husband Wayne Elliott, a professional arborist from Ontario. Each branch was removed with careful consideration - and Park Service approval - and because the wood is so rare and special, I only use it sparingly.

The stands are each unique, varying slightly in size and shape. The bark has been removed with a wire-wheel and a varnished natural edge remains. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity is included with each set. A closer look at the image itself is below.

The Devil's Den Witness TreeThe Devil's Den Witness TreePhotographed from 'the slaughter pen' in Gettysburg National Military Park. We're making these collectible print & stand sets available for a price of $99 each (+ PA sales tax & shipping).

Because of the limited quantity, they're available strictly on a "first come, first served" basis, and we're giving the very first opportunity to the valued members of out mailing list. Any remaining prints and stands will be for sale here, or at the Adams County Farmers Market in Gettysburg, each Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

These sets will be sold in numerical order from 1 to 12, and this will be based on the time stamp of your purchase below. We're very sorry, but we cannot accept international orders at this time and we cannot reserve prints for later payment and/or pick-up. If you have any questions, you can email us here prior to placing your order below.




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