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8" round aluminum print on pewter and 'witness wood' stand.Unique Double-Sided Witness Trees Print8" aluminum print on pewter and 'witness wood' stand. Greetings! It has been a while since we've offered something new and different, so to make up for it we have two unusual offerings!

The first, pictured above, is a collectible metal proof print featuring two of Gettysburg historic 'witness trees'. On one side is the Devil's Den witness tree and on the other is the witness tree located at the base of Culp's Hill. This unique 8" round aluminum print includes a pedestal made from lead-free pewter and wood that was (legally) harvested from the witness tree at Devil's Den. It also includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a suede-microfiber cloth for easy cleaning.

We only made a single double-sided test print because they cost twice as much to produce, and consistently aligning both images perfectly was problematic for our lab. So there's only one like it, and we're offering this solitary print and stand on a first come, first served basis, for a price of $299 (plus tax & shipping).

To claim it, email us at [email protected]. This blog post will be updated once it is sold, but we're not done yet....

Hand-Made Witness Wood Ornament & CardWitness Wood Ornament & CardHand-made from wood harvested (legally) from the witness tree at Devil's Den in Gettysburg. In addition, we have several 'witness wood' ornaments remaining from the Gettysburg Christmas Craft Show last December. These ornaments were hand-crafted from wood that was pruned (with Park Service approval) from the witness tree at Devil's Den, and each ornament includes a quality 5x7 note card (w/ envelope) featuring that same tree on the front. The ornaments and cards are $29.95 plus tax, which includes free shipping within the United States.*

We've only got a few (10 to be exact) so these are also on a first come, first served basis. You can purchase them below:


* We are sorry, but we cannot ship internationally at this time.


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