A few new images.

September 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I've been working on a 'side project' for more than a year, and as the 'side project' grew in scope until it has become an entirely new business, this website and blog have been sorely neglected. I'd like to say that's all over... but it's not. I've still got a heap of work ahead of me and an entirely new website to build and promote (once it's launched), so it will be some time before I can devote more attention to this site.

But I AM still a photographer, I DO still take and edit pictures, and even if they don't always make it onto this website in a timely fashion, I will always make time for my creative side. Here are a few I've taken or edited recently.

an-0082 - "Battlefield Birds, Redux"an-0082 - "Battlefield Birds, Redux"Many of my earlier images have low resolution by today's standards, so wherever possible, I am enlarging and re-formatting my favorites so they can be printed at larger sizes. This is one of them. ba-0766 - "Stopping Force"ba-0766 - "Stopping Force"Photographed in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. in-0063 - "Harpers Ferry Trestle"in-0063 - "Harpers Ferry Trestle"I love gritty industrial scenes like this! ob-0100 - "Three Rusty Milk Cans"ob-0100 - "Three Rusty Milk Cans" an-0085 - "Blackbird on a Worm Fence"an-0085 - "Blackbird on a Worm Fence"This a new version of one of my favorite older black and white images, reformatted and re-imagined in color.


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