Another ARTifact to Own, Another Witness to History

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A companion to our "Devil's Den Witness" print, this historic tree is located at the base of Culp's Hill in Gettysburg."Culp's Witness" Limited Edition of 8 Aluminum Print on Witness WoodA companion to our Devil's Den "Witness" print, this historic tree is located at the base of Culp's Hill in Gettysburg.

Greetings from Gettysburg!

I'm very pleased to share our newest offering, "Culp's Witness", which is an 8" aluminum print featuring the witness tree located at the base of Culp's Hill in Gettysburg. Each print is mounted, via a custom pewter bracket bearing our new Metal Vistas™ logo, to a slice of wood pruned (legally*) from the witness tree located atop Devil's Den, and only 8 of these limited edition prints with 'witness wood' stands were made in total.

Each print includes a signed, numbered and dated certificate of authenticity, care & cleaning instructions and a convenient microfiber cleaning cloth. The first print has already been claimed, so only 7 of these highly collectible prints are available on a first come, first served basis.**

The price is $199 plus tax & shipping.***

"Culp's Witness" is a companion piece to our recent limited-edition "Witness" print series and, likewise, only eight were made. Seven of those sold within 24 hours of notifying our mailing list, and the final print (8 of 8) could not be sold immediately because the base had been "borrowed" by the person who purchased the very first "Culp's Witness" print!

I've made a new base for it (pictured below), and that single remaining print of "Witness" with a 'witness wood' stand is also available to the first person who claims and pays for it.

"Witness" - The Witness Tree Located at Devil's Den in GettysburgThis is the last available print in this series (8 of 8), mounted to a slice of wood from the historical witness tree seen in the picture. To claim your print(s), email us to let us know which one(s) you want. Please be sure to include your shipping address. You'll be sent a PayPal invoice and once paid, your print will be shipped within 3 business days. Tracking numbers will be provided when they are available. Thanks!

* To learn the back-story on how the 'witness wood' was acquired, see our previous blog post.

** For the sake of fairness, these prints will be sold on a "first come, first served" basis, and this will be determined by the time-stamp on your email.

** You will be invoiced $199 + 6% PA sales tax + $15.50 for USPS Priority Mail, which includes tracking and $50 of Postal Insurance. Additional insurance or UPS shipping is available upon request, for an additional fee.

We truly appreciate your interest, and we're sorry to exclude our international friends, but we are unable to offer international shipping at this time.


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