The Witness Tree at Devil's Den on a Witness Wood Stand

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This item has been sold.
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"The Witness Tree at Devil's Den" on Witness Wood Stand6" x 9" aluminum print on a stand made from pewter and wood from the tree in the picture. This week, I created a single pedestal using some of my rare and precious wood from the witness tree at Devil's Den in Gettysburg. I was gifted a small quantity of this wood several years ago - it was legally obtained, as I feel I should always make clear - and because it is so special, I'm careful to use it in ways that are the least wasteful.

For this reason, I have chosen to keep the "live" natural edge, and I only removed the loose bark and softened the edges with a wire-wheel brush and a flap-wheel sander before varnishing them, waxing them and applying protective silicone feet underneath. The upper and lower tiers are pinned together with brass rod and epoxy, and the lead-free pewter mount holds the 6" x 9" metal print securely in place.

The Reverse Side of the Print & StandThe pewter mount is symmetrical, so you can have the print facing in either direction. For those who don't know, the 'witness tree' is so called because it is believed to have been standing at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg, a living witness to that pivotal moment in America's history. Because there's such a limited quantity of this wood, and each slice is unique in shape and size, this is the first 2-tiered print stand I have made and I am selling it with this specific metal print of the image titled "The Witness Tree at Devil's Den".

This one-of-a-kind set is available on a first come, first served basis to the first person who emails me to claim it: [email protected]

Sized For All The Small Spaces In Your Life The 11 ounce coffee mug is shown for scale only, and it is not included. For anyone who has not experienced metal prints in person, they are not only far more durable than paper or canvas prints, they also have greater clarity, contrast and color depth, in addition to being easier to clean and maintain. Just keep them out of direct sunlight, avoid harsh detergents and these heirlooms will last your family for many generations.

This collectible 6" x 9" aluminum print of The Witness Tree at Devil's Den, together with a unique pewter and "witness wood" pedestal, a signed certificate of authenticity and a suede-microfiber cleaning cloth is priced at $199 + tax & shipping*.

This item has been sold. If you'd like to commission one that is similar, contact me.

* The coffee mug is shown for scale, and it is not included in this offer.


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