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no-0020 - "The Jennie Wade House"ba-0768 - "Antietam Gun on a Hill"ba-0766 - "Stopping Force"ba-0765 - "Battlefield Sentinel"ba-0764 - "Moses McClean Farm in Snow"ba-0759 - "Caisson with Meade Monument"ba-0758 - "Sherfy Barn from Excelsior Field"ba-0757 - "Flighty Artillery Crew"ba-0756 - "Bushman Farm in Autumn"ba-0754 - "Silent Gettysburg Guns"ba-0753 - "Confederate Firing Line"ba-0752 - "Witness"ba-0751 = "Autumn Artillery"ba-0750 - "Cannon in Autumn"ba-0749 - "As I Lay Dying"ba-0748 - "Autum Fire on the Weikert Farm"ba-0747 - "A Storm on East Cemetery Hill"ba-0746 - "Excelsior Field at Sundown"ba-0745 - "Sentinel on a Hill"ba-0744 - "Thunder at the Angle"