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ba-0766 - "Stopping Force"ba-0587 - "Raven on a Worm Fence"ob-0083 - "Old Abandoned Tractor"ba-0749 - "As I Lay Dying"mo-0402 - "12th and 44th New York Monument From a Distance"la-0195 - "Old Shack on a Sunny Autumn Day"mo-0405 - "Burns in Autumn"ba-0745 - "Sentinel on a Hill"ba-0748 - "Autum Fire on the Weikert Farm"mo-0408 - "155th Pennsylvania at Little Round Top"ba-0743 - "Snake-Rail Fence in Autumn"mo-0401 - "155th Pennsylvania Monument at Little Round Top"mo-0404 - "Monument to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy in Autumn"ba-0742 - "The Rose Farm in Autumn"ba-0756 - "Bushman Farm in Autumn"mo-0403 - "Lee and Traveller"ba-0750 - "Cannon in Autumn"ba-0751 = "Autumn Artillery"ba-0744 - "Thunder at the Angle"mo-0386 - "Slocum in Autumn"