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pp16-0034 Heroic Defenders

This 16" x 20" layout was inspired by the monument to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy, here in Gettysburg. It was sculpted by Donald DeLue, who also created the Mississippi and Louisiana monuments at Gettysburg, and like them, this monument is very stylized... and very powerful.

The text used is also from the monument, and here's the rest:

A memorial to soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy

South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi

Heroic defenders of their country. Their fame shall be an echo and a light unto eternity.

Walter Washington Williams, who was recognized by the government of the United States as the last surviving Confederate veteran, died 1959 at the age of 117 years.