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pe-0046 1st OVLA Bat. H at Sunsetpe-0090 Two Girls Walking with Shoes in Handpe-0089 Mennonite Girl on Scooterpe-0088 Strolling Ladiespe-0086 Contemplating Stuffed Hog Mawpe-0085 Line of Marchpe-0083 Playful Embracepe-0079 Down the Alley and Into the Lightpe-0070 Striding With Purposepe-0057 Union Troops on the Marchpe-0056 Contemplating Defeatpe-0055 2nd US Cavalry Sunset Salutepe-0050 Twilight Sentrype-0047 Moonlight Cannonadepe-0043 Confederate Drum Triope-0040 At The Quick Steppe-0035 Letter From Homepe-0030 Bowed But Unbroken #2pe-0027 Flag Foldingpe-0025 Princess Anne Grays Firing Line