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mo-0382 - "Meade with Tumultuous Clouds"mo-0372 - "Day's Final Ember"mo-0332 Pennsylvania Monument in the Shade of a Treemo-0337 Pennsylvania Monument in Blue and Gray (painterly)mo-0331 Warren on High (painterly)mo-0330 Clark's Batterymo-0329 Brevet Major-General John Cleveland Robinsonmo-0328 Meade in the Afterglowmo-0324 Farmer and Youth (Virginia Monument Detail)mo-0327 Pennsylvania Monument in a Golden Glowmo-0323 Irish Brigade Monument in Autumnmo-0321 Pennsylvania Monument in Blue Reduxmo-0319 Devil in the Detailsmo-0315 Sundown's Fire on the Zouavesmo-0318 Blue Reynolds, Mountedmo-0316 Day One - Buford Holds, Reynolds Fallsmo-031 Warren Monument at Little Round Topmo-0314 US Army Regulars Monument in Daylight's Final Flaremo-0308 Magenta Storm and Pennsylvania monumentmo-0307 Monument to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy