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an-0033 Authorized Personnelan-0060 - "Birds Taking a Rest Break on a Fence"an-0061 - "How Now Brown Cows"an-0064 -"Mamas Boy"an-0065 - "Camel Pair #1"an-0069 - "Crow on a Fence"an-0071 - "A Wing and a Prayer"an-0073 - "For Sister Sarah"an-0074 - "Peacock With Attitude"an-0075 - "Raptor at Twilight"an-0080 - "Clarice Contemplates"an-0081 - "Two Horses at Gettysburg"an-0082 - "Battlefield Birds, Redux"an-0083 - "Highland Repose"an-0084 - "Highland Alpha"an-0085 - "Blackbird on a Worm Fence"an-0086 - "Monarch on a Tiger Lily"an-0087 - "Turkey Dinner"