Mason Dixon Photography is the work of Gettysburg based photographer and digital artist Robert E. Belgrad. His work focuses on historical themes, rural scenes and Americana, and his style is both painterly and highly detailed.

Belgrad's love of fine art, photography and American culture was inherited from his parents, both of whom were extremely gifted, and his aesthetic style was developed during his 20+ years as a professional sculptor. During that time he worked in a variety of media, and experimented extensively with combinations of sculptural media, creating a prolific body of work in a broad range of styles. His sculptural work has received numerous awards and has been featured in private and corporate collections, in galleries and even in the Hollywood film "John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars".

In 2009, Robert and his wife Kendra moved to Gettysburg, where his longtime love for photography found new outlets in the hallowed battlegrounds, exquisite monuments and the steady stream of living history events and reenactments. What had been a hobby soon consumed all of his time and energy, eventually leading to the formation of the business enterprise known as Mason Dixon Photography and the creation of this website. Twelve years later, they are still in Gettysburg and still going strong!