MASON DIXON PHOTOGRAPHY | About the Photographer

Mason Dixon Photography is the work of Gettysburg based photographer and photo-editor Robert E. Belgrad. His specialties are historical themes and digital photo retouching, but MDP is in no way limited by that, and this site has MUCH more to offer. Landscapes and cityscapes, architectural and industrial photos, wildlife and botanical images, custom portraits and candid street photos all combine to form a portfolio that is broad in scope and unique in style.

Belgrad's aesthetic style was developed during his 20+ years as a professional sculptor. During that time, he worked in a variety of media and experimented in styles ranging from classical to futuristic, representational to abstract, figurative to free-form, and assorted combinations and juxtapositions of these (and other) styles. His sculptural work has received numerous awards, and has been featured in many private and corporate collections, in fine art galleries and even in the Hollywood film "John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars".

In 2008, he moved to Gettysburg with his wife and their deranged cat, where his longtime love for photography found new outlets in the hallowed battlegrounds, exquisite monuments and the steady stream of unique characters participating in living history events and reenactments. What had been a hobby soon consumed all of his time and energy, eventually leading to the formation of the business enterprise known as Mason Dixon Photography. He now divides his time between attending reenactments and living history events, photographing people for custom portraits, traveling widely in search of new photographic subjects, spending countless hours editing his photos and handling the myriad details associated with a thriving photography business.

In addition to this website, the work of Mason Dixon Photography is available for purchase through several retail establishments in Gettysburg, including The Gettysburg Tour Center, The Jennie Wade House, The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies and Rebel's Roost Antique Emporium.