pp18-0047 High Water Mark - Dark Pastel Sunsetpp18-0043 Sun Flare at The Anglepp18-0042 Two Guns at the High Water Markpp18-0042 Angle Artillery and Monument at Purple Diskpp18-0040 Caissons at The Anglepp18-0041 Devil's Den Tableaupp18-0039 Split-Rail Fence at Sunrisepp18-0038 Golden Gettysburg Sunrisepp18-0023 And the Heavens Openedpp18-0026 Sunset Artillery - Low Anglepp18-0024 The Long Shotpp18-0027 Bolt From the Bluepp18-0028 Pastel Caisson Sunsetpp18-0029 The Dangerous Skypp18-0031 Blood on the Horizonpp18-0030 Blue Angle Artillerypp18-0033 One Brief Moment of Lightpp18-0032 Summer Storm on the Battlefieldpp18-0037 Caissons at Dawnpp18-0034 Purple and Orange Angle Sunset