pe-0086 Contemplating Stuffed Hog Mawmo-0040 Frederick Douglass with Quotepe-0027 Flag Foldingpe-0028 Texas Cavalrymanpe-0030 Bowed But Unbroken #2pe-0001 Battle Wearype-0002 Bowed But Unbroken #1pe-0003 Boy With Flagpe-0005 Clearing Riflespe-0004 Lincoln Quotepe-0006 Confederate Rally Crype-0007 Drummers and Piperspe-0008 Line of Marchpe-0009 Mennonite Stridepe-0010 Mourning at the Valley of Deathpe-0011 Roadside Hilaritype-0013 The Devout Childrenpe-0014 The God Squadpe-0015 The Mourning Fieldpe-0016 The Pipers