mo-0250 PA Monument in Purple Twilightmo-0243 PA Monument in the Big bluemo-0235 PA Monument at Duskmo-0221 Pennsylvania Monument Sunburstmo-0214 Sky Splitting Over PA Monumentmo-0212 PA Monument After Spring Showermo-0198 PA Monument Pastel Sunrisemo-0196 PA Monument at Golden Hourmo-0189 Streaming Towards Daybreakmo-0182 PA Monument at Twilightmo-0179 Gouverneur K. Warren Monumentmo-0107 Winged Victory Poster - Smallmo-0096 Winged Victory-mo-0097 Winged Victory Against Story Skymo-0080 PA Monument Before the Stormmo-0081 Pennsylvania State Monumentmo-0251 PA Monument at Blue Duskmo-0213 Daybreak on the Battlefieldba-0221 Gettysburg Battlefield Expanseba-0211 Orange, Gold and Brown Battlefield