no-0024 Jennie Wade House (side view)no-0023 Harpers Ferry (Painterly)no-0021 Jennie Wade House (angled)no-0020 The Jennie Wade Houseno-0019 Ginny's Last Actno-0019 Doubleday Hill Artilleryno-0018 Doubleday Hillno-0016 Ft. Mifflin Creepy Chamberno-0015 James Madison's Montpelierno-0014 Stonewall Jackson Shrineno-0013 The Longest Walkno-0012 Vaulted Incarcerationno-0011 Unit 2 Reflecting Unit 1no-0010 Pry House Field Hospitalno-0009 Night Standno-0008 It Only Gets Worseno-0007 Eastern State White Corridorno-0006 Eastern State Storage Cellno-0005 Eastern State Portalsno-0004 Doorway Seven