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ba-0493 Klingel Farm on the Bitter Battlefieldba-0490 Lone Caissonmo-0320 Raptor and Fire Zouavesba-0489 Red, Blue and Blackmo-0322 Autumn Fire at the Virginia Monumentmo-0321 Pennsylvania Monument in Blue Reduxba-0486 Angle and Awayba-0485 A Bloody Day Burns Awayba-0483 Snake Railsba-0482 Red Sky at Nightba-0481 The Path to Valorba-0480 The Gun on the Hillba-0479 Carriage at the Bryan Farmba-0478 The Dying Lightba-0477 Bloody Sky Over the Battlefieldba-0476 Cemetery Hill Battery - Painterlyba-0474 The Color of Thunderba-0473 Reaching Across Hallowed Groundba-0472 So Long, Fence Lineba-0471 Lone Soldier