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mo-0350 Mississippi Monument Against a Foreboding Skyla-0178 Sachs Bridge in Autumn #2 (painterly)la-0176 Gettysburg's Golden Glowla-0177 Sachs Bridge in Autumn #1 (painterly)la-0179 Lonely Winter Orchardmo-0332 Pennsylvania Monument in the Shade of a Treemo-0336 20th Maine Marker at Little round Topmo-0337 Pennsylvania Monument in Blue and Gray (painterly)mo-0333 Goldenrod on Hallowed Groundmo-0335 Alabamians in Autumn (painterly)mo-0331 Warren on High (painterly)mo-0334 1st Pennsylvania Battery B Light Artillery Markerba-0541 Golden Gun of Autumnba-0540 Codori Farm at Duskba-0542 Battlefield Barnba-0518 Sherfy Farm Seen From Afarba-0516 Another Angle Sunsetba-0515 Autumn Upon the Fields of the Fallenba-0514 Autumn Confederate Artilleryba-0519 Silent Storm on the Battlefield