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Landscapes and scenic images.
la-0178 Sachs Bridge in Autumn #2 (painterly)la-0176 Gettysburg's Golden Glowla-0177 Sachs Bridge in Autumn #1 (painterly)la-0179 Lonely Winter Orchardla-0171 Enchanted Barnla-0170 Sachs Bridge Fishermanla-0174 Old Mill in Autumnla-0172 Golden Fields of Grainla-0168 Little Red Barn in Golden Sunlightla-0167 Biglerville Barn in Springla-0165 PA Sorghum Farmla-0164 The Old Mill (painterly)la-0163 Furling at Sunsetla-0162 Annapolis Sunset with Geesela-0161 Raggedy Barn and Silola-0160 Church On A Hillla-0158 A Tree Grows in Paradisela-0159 Snow Covered Pineconesla-0156 Cranky Applesla-0154 Guardian of the Lake