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A selection of industrial and agricultural images, including machinery, farming equipment, vehicles and assorted technology-related themes.
in-0036 Tobacco Barn and Harvesterin-0050 The Burning Placein-0049_brickytard-kiln-high-keyin-0048 Superstructurein-0047 Robot Congo Linein-0046_hydraulic-monsters2in-0045 Hydraulic Monstersin-0044 The Brickyardin-0043 Dairy Farmin-0042 Raven Perched on Palletin-0040 Coal Yard B&W #2in-0039 Coal Yard B&Win-0038 USNS Gordon and Gillilandin-0037 The Colorful Decline of a Trolley Stationin-0035 Tobacco Barn and Harvesterin-0034 Chains of Industryin-0033 Twin Ships at Sunrisein-0032 Derelict Trolley Stationin-0031 Twin Shipsin-0030 Tobacco Barn