in-0037 The Colorful Decline of a Trolley Stationin-0035 Tobacco Barn and Harvesterin-0034 Chains of Industryin-0033 Twin Ships at Sunrisein-0032 Derelict Trolley Stationin-0031 Twin Shipsin-0030 Tobacco Barnin-0029 Stacked Apple Cratesin-0028 Stacked Knouse Cratesin-0027 Knouse Cratesin-0025 Hydroelectric Power Linesin-0025 Destroyed Greenhouse #2in-0024 Destroyed Greenhouse #1in-0023 Johnstown (aged)in-0022 Three Mile Island - 2 Viewsin-0020 Thee Mile Island - 2 Stacksin-0019 Laying Pipein-0018 Quonset Hut with Benchin-0016 Intense Water Towerin-0016 Empty Corn Silo