mo-0285 Pennsylvania Monument with Sunburstba-0380 Gettysburg Field of Firean-0051 Red-Tailed Hawk at Sunsetba-p377 Golden Hour Fenceba-0329 Klingel Farm As Seen From Henry Spangler Farmba-0376 One Brief Moment of Lightba-0374 The Long Shotba-0381 Caissons at Dawnba-0359 Witness Tree in Pastelsba-0379 Caissons and Two Cannons at The Anglemo-0103 Great Emancipator Poster - Smallba-0378 Purple and Orange Angle Artilleryba-0370 Pastel Caisson Sunsetba-0375 Summer Storm on the Battlefieldpp18-0039 Split-Rail Fence at Sunriseba-0346 Gettysburg Fences in Fogmo-0288 Longstreet Monument in Autumnmo-0286 New York 'Excelsior' Brigade Monumentba-0368 Blue Angle Artilleryba-0373 Golden Field of Fire