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ba-0513 Gettysburg Fiery Sunsetmo-0330 Clark's Batteryba-0512 Battlefield Huntan-0058 Raptor at Sunsetmo-0329 Brevet Major-General John Cleveland Robinsonmo-0328 Meade in the Afterglowmo-0326 Michigan Cavalry Brigade Monument at Sundownmo-0324 Farmer and Youth (Virginia Monument Detail)mo-0327 Pennsylvania Monument in a Golden Glowmo-0325 Tammanymo-0323 Irish Brigade Monument in Autumnan-0057 Gettysburg Raptorba-0511 Rustic Gettysburg Barn in Autumnba-0510 Codori Farm Soft Sunsetba-0508 Thunder on the Windba-0507 Arty on the Rocksba-0506 Angle Artillery in the Afterglowba-0504 Witness to Enchanted Autumnba-0505 Pastel Night Falls on the Battlefield-20x30ba-0503 Klinge Farm From Far Away