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ba-0462 Stormbringerba-0461 Serpentine Fence to the Klingel Farmba-0460 Sherfy Farm in Spring Stormba-0459 Winding Fence to the Klingel Farmba-0458 Codori Barn Under a Stormy Skyba-0457 The Sherfy Farm From a Distanceba-0456 Sherfy Barn Through the Trees-18x24pe-0079 Down the Alley and Into the Lightpe-0063 Forver Mourningpe-0062 Wedding Partype-0061 Stern Garibaldi Guardpe-0060 Letchers Batterype-0087 Wool Gathering at Devil's Denpe-0085 Line of Marchpe-0084 Beauties on Paradepe-0080 Woman in Mourning - Whiteba-0455 The George Weikert Farm - Vintage, Painterlyba-0454 Codori Dreamba-0453 Red Barn in Afternoon Sunba-0452 Codori Barn and Fence at Dusk