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A selection of images of battlefields, forts and military parks.
ba-0542 Battlefield Barnba-0541 Golden Gun of Autumnba-0540 Codori Farm at Duskba-0539 Gettysburg Gun in Winterba-0538 Troubled Clouds on the Horizonba-0537 Cemetery Hill Gun (Painterly)ba-0536 Cemetery Hill Gun in Autumnba-0535 Cemetery Hill Framed by Treeba-0534 Codori, Ttrostle Farms and Fenceba-0533 Autumn Carriage Ride in the Parkba-0532 Trail Riders on the Trostle Farmba-0531 Codori Rustic Autumnba-0530 Angle Artillery in Twilight's Glowba-0529 Autumn Expanse with Monument and Fenceba-0528 Autumn Artillery Emplacementsba-0527 Trostle Farm in Autumn (Painterly)ba-0526 McPherson Barn in Autumn (Painterly)ba-0525 Monochrome Sentinelba-0524 Angle Artillery and Treeba-0523 Autumn Caisson at the Angle