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ba-0462 Stormbringerpe-0060 Letchers Batteryba-0447 Weikert Farm Under a Looming Skyba-0448 Cemetery Hill Guon on the Edge of Townba-0431 Sentries on Cemetery Hillba-430 Cemetery Hill Artilleryba-0429 Burning Into Darknessba-0427 Rainbow Sunset at the Angleba-0425 Death's Arrayba-0424 Indian Summer at the Angleba-0423 Indian Summer at Gettysburgba-0419 The Road to The Angleba-0418 Projecting Forceba-0413 The Round Tops as Seen From Across Pickett's Chargeba-410 Angle Artillery Arrayba-0408 Caisson in Morning Snowba-0390 Angle Artillery Facing the Coming Nightba-0358 Pringtime Near the PA Monumentba-0445 And The Sky Split Asunder - 15th NY Batteryba-0438 Golden Hour of the Gun