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A selection of photos of animals, both domestic and wildlife, including, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and all manner of critters large or small.
an-0055 The Teaman-0054 Harvest in Black and Whitean-0053 Unholy Bovine Trinityan-0052 Little bird on the roadan-0051 Red Tail Hawk at Sunsetan-0050 Black Horses, White Snowan-0049 Two Lambs Late for Supperan-0048 Amish Carriage in a Hurryan-0047 Three Little Lambsan-0046 Two Little Lambsan-0045 Bovine Buffetan-0044 Grazing Bisonan-0043 Pensive Primatean-0042 Donkeyan-0041 Sunset Steeran-0040 Resting Reindeer at Lake Tobiasan-0039 Bird on a Fencean-0038 Stow-Aways on the USNS Gordonan-0037 Yakking It Upan-0036 Zebra Detail #2